Current ship times on Premium Apparel is 14-15 business days

Products Offered

All of the products below are available for purchase or available to add to your team store.
Standard Merch Ship Times / 5-7 Business Days
You can add as many "merch" items to your store as you'd like. "Merch" items are items that are typically printed or embroidered in one location on the garment. When adding a secondary print location pricing will increase. When building your team store, Guardian Proline will design 2-4 custom designs per store for various merch items.
Note: When purchasing both "Premium" and "Merch" items from your team store, your merch items will still ship in 5 to 7 business days well before your "Premium" items.
Current Standard Premium Turn Times / 4 Weeks
All "Premium" items are custom designed, printed, cut, and sewn using full dye sublimation. Turn/Ship times often fluctuate between 2 weeks to 4 weeks from the date of purchase depending on fabric supply chains across the world. Unlike "Merch" items where each garment is printed or embroidered in one location, "Premium" apparel is fully customizable anywhere on the garment. When building your team store, Guardian Proline will typically design 1-4 "Premium" items depending on the size and activity of your team. 
Note: When purchasing both "Premium" and "Merch" items from your team store, your "Premium" items will still adhere to the current "Premium" turn time. You will still receive "Merch" items in 5-7 days.